COD-572 Meter



LCD display for easy use

It can show COD measuring data directly and there’s no need to calculate by users.

It adopts coulometric titration method and there’s no need to prepare standard volumetric solution. Also, there’s no need to calibrate iron sulfate.

It can be connected with TP-16 serial printer to print measuring and calibration data..(Users can buy printer.)

It can store 10 kinds of COD calibration value of mangan and chrome for users.

It can also store 50 mangan COD measuring value and 50 chrome COD measuring value.

The data can be stored, deleted, viewed and printed.


1、Measuring range:


The electrolysis current is divided into 10mA,20mAand 40mA.

2、Accuracy: ±2%FS
4、Power supply: AC(220±22)V,(50±1)Hz


6、Weight: 3Kg

7、Case outside serial No: WXS-A010-1