COD-571 Meter



Chinese language menu and LCD display for easy use

It adopts dichromate colorimetric method.

Direct reading of COD results and no need to analyze by other means such as titration.

2 point calibration (zero COD and full scale calibration)

Measuring results can be viewed, deleted and printed. Up to 200 sets of measuring data

can be stored and it can be connected with TP-16 printer.

It adopts digestion method of sealing reflux and can conduct simultaneous digestion of 21 samples for low energy consumption.

The digestion temperature can be adjusted from ambient temperature to 165℃. Also, it is equipped with over temperature alarming system.

The digestion time can be set from 0 to 120 min. It will be power off after response.


1、Measuring range: COD (0~1500)mg/L
2、Accuracy:≤150.0 mg/L:±8%FS±1mg/L 

150.0 mg/L~1500 mg/L:±8% reading

3、Stability:(±2% reading)/15min

4、Repeated error: 3% reading

5、Power supply: AC (220±22)V;(50±1)Hz


7、Weight: COD-571:2 Kg;COD-571-1:4 Kg

8、Case outside serial No: COD-571:WXS-A010-4;COD-571-1:WXS-A002-3