SX751 pH/DO/ ORP/Conductivity Meter

Detailed Product Description


pH/ORP/Conductiivty/DO multi parameter meter
pH/ATC electrode
Conductivity electrode
ORP electrode
DO electrode


portable ph meter, pH tester, pH meter, DO meter, ORP meter, Conductivity meter

SX751  pH / ORP / Cond / DO / TDS / Sal / Res Meter:


Measuring parameter: pH / mV / Cond / DO / TDS / Sal / Res / Temp

Data storage:400 groups


Range: (-2.00~19.99) pH

Accuracy: ±0.01pH 

Automatic Calibration: (1~3) point

ATC: (0~100)oC


Range: ±1999mV

Accuracy: ±0.1%FS 

Cond:0.00 to 199.9mS/cm,be divided into five ranges:

(0.00 to 19.99)μS/cm; (20.0 to 199.9)μS/cm

(200 to 1999)μS/cm; (2.00 to 19.99mS/cm

(20.0 to 199.9)mS/cm;

Res: (0 to 100)MΩ·cm

TDS: (0 to 100)g/L

Sal: (0 to 100)ppt

Accuracy: :±1.0%FS  

Automatic Calibration: 1 point

ATC: (0 to 50)oC

Dissolved Oxygen

Range: (0~40.00) mg/L (ppm) (0~199.9) %

Accuracy: ±0.10mg/L

Temperature Compensation: Automatic,

Salinity Compensation: Automatic, (0~45) ppt

Air pressure Compensation: Manual, (66 ~200)kpa


Package includes:

SX751 meter;

201T-S plastic pH/ATC 3-in-1 combination electrode