SX725 pH/DO Meter

Detailed Product Description


do meter,DO meter, DO tester
Portable pH / mV / DO / Temp Meter
Hand held and waterproof pH / mV / DO / Temp Meter

do meter ,DO meter, DO tester


SX725  pH / mV / DO / Temp Meter


Measuring parameter: pH / mV / DO / Temp


Data storage: 300 groups


Range: (-2.00~19.99) pH

Accuracy: pH: ±0.01pH 

Automatic Calibration: (1~3) point

ATC: (0~100)oC



Range: ±1999mV

Accuracy: ±0.1%FS 


Dissolved Oxygen


Range: (0~40.00) mg/L (ppm) (0~199.9)%

Accuracy: ±0.10 mg/L

Temperature Compensation : Auto, (0~45)oC

Salinity Compensation: Automatic, (0~45) ppt

Air pressure Compensation: Manual,(66~200)kpa


Package includes:

SX725 meter;

201T-S plastic pH/ATC 3-in-1 combination electrode

DO500 DO electrode

3pcs of membrane caps 

inner solution for DO probe(30ml)

pH calibration solution (4.00, 7.00, 10.01pH/50ml)

Quality and safety certification: ISO9001:2000, CE and CMC

Carrying case