SX711 pH / mV Meter

Detailed Product Description

automatic calibration
automatic temperature compensation
data storage: 200 groups
pH/ATC probe;Carrying case;buffer solutions  

Measuring parameter:  pH/mV

Accuracy:  pH: ±0.01pH

Range: (-2.00 ~ 19.00)pH

Automatic Calibration : (1 ~ 3) point

ATC : (0 ~ 100) oC


Package includes:

SX711 meter; pH/ATC combination electrode, 201T-S;

pH calibration solution4.00,7.00,10.01pH/50ml

Carrying case


Features of Meter:

Data storage: 200 groups

Automatically shutting down:  0 to 20 minutes, can be set up by user

Display:  (42*33) mm LCD with blue light background

Power:  2pcs of AA batteries (1.5V*2), life of battery > 100 hours

IP ratingIP57 dustproof and waterproof

Size and weight: (65*120*31) mm / 180g

Carrying case: (255*210*50) mm / 790g



1. Built-in microprocessor chip, with the intelligent functions of automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function setting and automatic self-diagnose, auto power off and low voltage display etc.

2. Adopts digital filter and step slipping technology to intelligently improve meter’s response speed and result accuracy.

3. Automatically recognize 13 kinds of pH standard buffer solution. User can choose anyone from three series of buffer solutions: Europe & U.S.A. series, NIST series, China series.

4. Purified water and ammonia added purified water pH measuring mode can be set up, especially suitable for the fields of electric power and petrochemical etc.

5. Meter’s circuit board adopts SMT film-covering technology to improve meter’s production reliability.

6. Meter has the back light LCD display monitor.

7. Dustproof and waterproof meter meets IP57 rating