SX650 conductivity tester

Detailed Product Description

conductivity tester
Conductivity& Resistivity&TDS&Salinity Meter.

conductivity tester

Model SX650 Cond.&Res.&TDS&Salinity Meter 


PEN-TYPE Cond./Res./TDS/Salty oC METER MODEL SX-650:

Range (measuring range can be switched automatically)


0 to 50.00μS/cm50.0 to 500.0μS/cm

0.5 to 5.00mS/cm5.0 to 50.0mS/cm

Res.: 0 to 20mΩ.cm

TDS: 0 to 35.0g/L

Salt: 0 to 25.0ppt

Temp: 0 to 50oC

Accuracy: Cond.: ±1.0% FS

                Temp: ±0.5 ºc

ATC and 1 Point Calibration

Whats included: 1 bottle of calibration 10-ml solution (1413 µS/cm) and carrying case