MP551 Bench-top pH & mV &ISE& Cond.&DO Meter

Detailed Product Description


Desktop Measuring Parameters: pH & mV& Ion Concentration & Conductivity& DO

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MP551 Bench-top  pH & mV &Ion Concentration & Conductivity &DO Meter


pH: -1.999 to 19.999 pH   mV±1999.9 mV

Ion: 0.00 to 14.00 pX (units : pX, mol/L, mg/L and ppm )

Cond:0 to 2000mS/cm,be divided into six ranges:

(0.00 to 20.00) μS/cm; (20.0 to 200.0)μS/cm

(200 to 2000) μS/cm; (2.00 to 20.00)mS/cm

(20.0 to 200.0) mS/cm; (200 to 2000)mS/cm(K=10)

Res: (0 to 100) MΩ·cm

TDS: (0 to 100)g/L

Sal: (0 to 100)ppt

DO: (0 to 40.00)mg/L(ppm) ;

      (0 to 200.0)%

Temp: (-10 to 110)oC.



pH: ±0.002 pH;  mV:±0.03% full scale

Ion: ±0.5 % of reading monovalent ; ±1.0% of reading bivalent

Cond: ±0.5% full scale;

DO: ±0.10 mg/L

Temp: ±0.4 oC



pH: (0 to 100) oC    Ion: (0 to 60)oC

Cond: (0 to 50)oC   DO: (0 to 45)oC


Other Parameters:

Storage Data: 300 groups; 

Communication Connector: RS-232

Power: DC9V/300mA

Size & Weight: (160×190×70)mm/880g


Features and Applications:

    Multi-parameter meter contains more than ten kinds of measuring parameters, is suitable for high accuracy measurement, and excellent product for both good performance and low cost.

    DO measuring mode has automatic compensation for temperature, salinity and air pressure.

    pH measure mode for high purified water and ammonia added purified water can be setup, suitable for use in electric power and petrifaction industry.

    Inside setup with function of high purified water non-linearity automatic temperature compensation, suitable for accurate conductivity measurement for high purified water.

    There are four kinds of ion concentration measuring units: pX, mol/L, mg/L and ppm.

    Equips model 2503 pH electrode, suitable for measure the weaker ionic strength, feculent and colloidal solution


MP 500 series of electrochemical meters are the perfect products with advanced electronic, sensor and software design technology. Products contain more than ten kinds of electrochemistry measuring parameters and classified 14 kinds of electrochemistry meters. They are the best lab water analytical meters for their highest performance and the lowest cost.

Nice appearance, easy to use. It equips a flexible electrode holder, intelligent stirrer and a brief operation manual.

Meter meets with the requirement of international GLP standards. It features up to automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, storage data, clock display, time measurement, RS232 output, functions setting and self-diagnose information etc.

It adopts digital filter and step slipping technology to improve meters response speed and repeatability.

Meter has the only product serial number.

Dustproof and waterproof meter meets IP54 standards.