Model MP519 Fluoride Ion Concentration Meter

Detailed Product Description


fluoride Ion concentration meter
Bench top fluoride ion concentration meter
Range: 1~6 pF

fluoride Ion concentration meter


Model MP519 Fluoride Ion Concentration Meter

Measuring Parameters:

F- Concentration,mV and Temperature




F-: 0.00 to 9.00pF   

Units : pF,mol/L, mg/L and ppm

mV:±1999.9 mV

Temp: (-10 to 110)oC



F-: ±0.01pF       

mV:±0.1% mV

Temp:  ±0.5oC


Other Parameters:

ATC: (0 to 50)oC

Storage Data:600 groups;

Communication Connector:RS-232;


Size & Weight:160×190×70mm/880g.


What's included:
Model F502 fluoride ion electrode
Model 6211-M reference electrode
MP500 temperature probe
Model 901 intelligent stirrer
Model 602 flexible electrode holder
RS-232 communication software


Features and Applications:
Two-point fluoride ion concentration standard solution calibration, can directly test fluoride ion concentration of sample,
Intelligent stirrer rotation speed can be set to be changeless, convenient and reliable,
Sampling measurement the fluoride ion concentration in the water solution.