MP516 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Detailed Product Description


MP516 Lab DO Meter
Excellent DO electrode
automatic salinity compensation
automatic air pressure compensation


MP516 Dissolved Oxygen Meter



DO :(0 to 40.00)mg/L(ppm)

       (0 to 200.0)%

Temp: (0 to 45)oC 



DO:±0.10 mg/L

Temp: ±0.4oC


Other Parameters:

Automatic Temperature Compensation: (0 to 45)oC

Automatic Salinity Compensation: (0 to 45)ppt

Automatic Air Pressure Compensation: (80 to 105)kPa

Storage Data:600 groups;

Communication Connector:RS-232;


Size & Weight:(160×190×70)mm/880g.


What's included:
DO500 dissolved oxygen electrode
Model 901 intelligent stirrer
Model 602 flexible electrode holder
RS-232 communication software


Features and Applications:
The worthy lab dissolved oxygen meter for its good performance and low cost.
New type dissolved oxygen electrode has function of salinity measurement, can automatic achieve salinity compensation and temperature compensation; meter inside with air pressure sensor, can automatic achieve air pressure compensation.
Polarographic type dissolved oxygen electrode, short polarization time, fast response and accurate measurement.
Convenient used dissolved oxygen electrode calibration cover and combined type diaphragm cap.