MP513 bench type Conductivity/TDS/Salinity meter

Detailed Product Description


bench top conductivity meter
Conductivity,Resistivity,TDS,Salinity and Temperature
Cond:+/-1.0% FS
With conductivity probe

bench top conductivity meter, TDS meter, salinity meter

MP513 Laboratory Conductivity Meter

Measuring Parameters:

Conductivity,Resistivity,TDS,Salinity and Temperature



Cond:0 to 200 mS/cm,be divided into five ranges

(0.00 to 20.00)μS/cm; (20.0 to 200.0)μS/cm

(200 to 2000)μS/cm; (2.00 to 20.00)mS/cm

(20.0 to 200.0)mS/cm

Res:(0 to 100)MΩ·cm

TDS:(0 to 100)g/L.

Sal:(0 to 100)ppt

Temp: (-10 to 110)oC



Cond:±1.0% full scale



Other Parameters:

ATC: (0 to 50)oC

Storage Data:100 groups; 

Communication Connector:RS-232;


Size & Weight:(160×190×70)mm/880g


What's included:
2301-M plastic conductivity electrode K=1,ATC
Model 602 flexible electrode holder
RS-232 communication software


Features and Applications:
Economical benchtop conductivity meter
Plastic conductivity electrode with ATC, easy to use
Be used for conductivity measuring of general water solution